STC Reach for a Star

At STC, we know that our members are the shining stars of the technical communication profession. STC members are dedicated to reaching their highest potential while looking to STC to enhance their careers.

Why not share the same valuable opportunities with your colleagues?

STC Reach for the Stars Member-Get-a-Member Campaign is really about you. We know that you realize the value of your membership in STC and you will encourage others to join. We want to reward you for doing that.

The Campaign runs from 8 October 2008 through 31 December 2008. Please click on one of the “stars” to the left to find important information on how chapters, SIGs, and individuals members can recruit and become eligible to win fabulous prizes. Awards will be announced in January 2009.

Recruiting a Member Is Easy!

Did you know that a large percentage of new members join STC simply because someone asked them? Reaching out and recruiting a member is easy when you find yourself interacting with colleagues at meetings, online, on the job, or while networking. Simply tell your colleagues how you have benefited from your membership in STC and suggest that they visit to learn more about membership and to join.

If a friend or colleague joins STC on your recommendation, they need to put your name and the name of the chapter or SIG on the online application form in order for you and your chapter or SIG to receive credit. STC will keep track of your recruitment activity for you. It’s that simple.

Prefer to Refer?

Sometimes it may be more convenient or appropriate for you to provide us with contact information for an individual who is a candidate for membership, and we take the next step. Send the potential new member’s complete contact information to Stacey O’Donnell. STC will send membership information and an application. However, you will not be considered the “recruiter” unless the new member provides your name on the application as the person who introduced him/her to STC.

Whether you recruit or refer, you will be contributing to the growth of STC. So Reach for the Stars and recruit, recruit, recruit.

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